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The Committee work is organised according to 5 Technical Domains, as follows:

Technical Domain 1 – Data modelling and message systems
Work item examples:

  • AtoN data information structure, exchange, presentation
  • S-100 Registry and Product Specifications
  • S-100 Registry – coordination of work by all Committees
  • Message structure for e-Navigation including VDES

Technical Domain 2 – e-Navigation communications
Work item examples:

  • VDES, satellite, WRCP
  • AIS technology
  • ASM coordination and Web hosting
  • ITU planning and liaison, WRC preparation and national coordination

Technical Domain 3 – Shore technical infrastructure
Work item examples:

  • Resilient PNT shore services – DGPS, eLoran, other
  • Virtual AtoN technology
  • Sharing of shore data

Technical Domain 4 – e-Navigation test beds
Work item examples:

  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Participation in and harmonisation of results of test beds
  • Harmonisation policy and planning
  • Monitoring of developments nationally and regionally, and effect on competent authorities

Technical Domain 5 – Maritime Service Portfolios
Work item example:

  • Maritime Service Portfolios, design, content, and implementation