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The Council is the governing body of IALA, comprising 21 elected and three non-elected Councillors. The Council is elected by IALA National Members during a General Assembly and meets twice a year. At the last General Assembly, in A Coruna (Spain) in May 2014, a new council was elected. A list of the current Councillors appears below:

Council Members

County Member
Spain Puerto del Estado (President)
Korea (Republic of) Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (Vice President)
England Trinity House Lighthouse Service (Treasurer)
Australia Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Member)
Brazil Centro de Sinalizaçáo Náutica e Reparos (Member)
Chile Aramada de Chile, Directemar (Member)
China Maritime Safety Administration (Member)
Denmark Danish Maritime Safety Administration (Member)
Finland Finnish Maritime Administration (Member)
France Direction des Affaires Maritimes – DAM (Member)
Germany Wasser-Und Schiffahrtsdiektionen Nord/Nordwest (Member)
India Department of Lighthouses and Lightships “Deep Bhavan” (Member)
Ireland Commissioners of Irish Lights (Member)
Italy Italian Coast Guard (Member)
Japan Japan Coast Guard (Member)
South Africa Transnet National Ports Authority (Member)
Malaysia Light Dues Board Peninsular Malaysia (Member)
Netherlands Ministry of Transport (Member)
Norway Harbour, Lighthouse & and Pilotage services (Member)
Portugal Direcçao de Farois (Member)
Senegal Port Autonome de Dakar (Member)
Sweden Swedish Maritime Administration (Member)
Turkey Directorate General of Coastal Safety – DGCS (Member)
USA The U.S. Coast Guard (Member)