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Agenda No. Title Date
1.4 1. Introduction
Document title: HF1-1.4 Rev1 Agenda
Originator: IALA Secreatriat
17 Nov 2014
1.5 1. Introduction
Document title: HF1-1.5 Programme for the week
Originator: IALA Secretariat
04 Nov 2014
3 3. Review of action items from EEP21
Document title: HF1-3 Action items from EEP21
Originator: IALA Secretariat
04 Nov 2014
6 6. Work Programme (2014-2018)
Document title: HF1-6 Proposed work items
Originator: Bob McIntosh
04 Nov 2014
6.1 6. Work Programme (2014-2018)
Document title: HF1-6.1 Draft model course on lighthouse decommissioning
Originator: WWA
04 Nov 2014
6.2 6. Work Programme (2014-2018)
Document title: HF1-6.2 France and lighthouse preservation
Originator: Vincent Guigueno
04 Nov 2014
7.4 7. Presentations
Document title: HF1-7.4 Société nationale pour le patrimoine des phares et balises
Originator: Marc Pointud
17 Nov 2014
7.5 7. Presentations
Document title: HF1-7.5 Lighthouse Conservation and Museum in Korea
Originator: KIM Jong-uk
17 Nov 2014
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