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  • Location of testbed: Baltic Sea & Arctic Regions
  • Time and duration of testbed: 2015-2018
  • Status (planned, completed or on-going): Ongoing
  • Contact person(s): thc@dma.dk
  • Testbed website: www.efficiensea2.org
  • Organisation(s) involved: DMA as lead joined by 31 partners from 12 different countries
  • Funding programme and budget: EU Horizon 2020


EfficienSea2 creates and implements innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved connectivity for ships. EfficienSea2 is a demonstrator in the Arctic and Baltic Sea and the first generation of a coherent e-Navigation solution. Through global collaboration, use of open-source software and an explicit aim for standardised solutions, we will pave the way for a global roll-out of e-Navigation through the development of the Maritime Cloud.

IALA’s work in EfficienSea2 by Nick Ward

Documents of interest:

Testbeds Summary

Standards Summary (Summary list of standards documents related to EfficienSea 2) 

Draft IALA Guideline on e-Navigation Technical Services Documentation

EfficienSea2 – Concept and specification for seamless roaming

EfficienSea2 – Development of a new common port database concept and structure

EfficienSea2 – Project Presentation

EfficienSea2 – Report on available technologies and sensors for monitoring SOx emissions

IALA Input paper – Maritime Cloud conceptual model

Maritime Cloud – Recommended on board network Architecture

Service Design Description Template

Service Instance Description Template

Service Specification Template