About IALA

The Industrial Members Committee (IMC)

IMC represents the Industrial Members of IALA, which comprise companies or individuals qualifying for IALA Industrial Membership according to Article 5 of the IALA Constitution.

IMC comprises 5 members elected at the General Assembly of Industrial Members held on the occasion of each IALA Conference. The IMC President should normally be from the country that will host the next IALA Conference.

Regional representatives are responsible for keeping Industrial Members in their region informed of the activities of IMC activities and bringing to IMC’s attention concerns of Industrial Members in their region.

Among other things IMC:

  • informs the Industrial Members about all important decisions and events in IALA
  • maintains liaison with the IALA Secretariat and Council
  • organises an industrial exhibition at IALA Conferences and Symposia in collaboration with the host country
  • organises an industrial evening at each IALA Conference and Symposium