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ENG WG3 TG-3.1.1

The draft agenda of the VTC 5 is following: Continue section 4 Review, including: Review the general structure (we may not have time to go through the text line by […]


ENG WG3 TG-3.1.1

Meeting agenda: Review homework agreed during VTC5 Review and clean task/homework list and assign final homework if required (noting that the deadline for input to ENG17 is 15th Sept 2023) […]

VTS54 WG3 Opening Plenary

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

Opening session for WG3 - including outcomes of past meetings, IALA Conference and points identified from the Plenary

VTS54 – VTS Model Course Review

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

Review outcomes from intersessional work on C0103-2 and C0103-4 Identify process to review C0103-5

VTS54-WG3-Breakout group session

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

This session will be to finalise/clean up the final version of C0103-2 (led by Stefaan Priem) Another group will review the outcomes from the discussion on IALA VTS Training related […]

VTS54-WG3-Task 3.8.7 // Task 3.8.6

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

Based on initial discussions - continue work on these tasks as appropriate Task 3.8.7 - TGL Seunghee Choi Task 3.8.6 - TGL Stefaan Priem

VTS54-WG3-Overview of tasks to be commenced at VTS55

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

This session will look at those tasks planned to be commenced at VTS55, reviewing any input paper received and identifying any areas of expertise required. Task 3.8.1 – Review of […]

VTS54-WG3 – Remaining papers/items

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

This session will be to review any remaining items for VTS54, including any other business from WG3 members.

VTS54-WG3-Review WG3 report

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

This session will be to review and agree WG3 draft report, identify action items

VTS54-WG3-Review Tasks as appropriate

VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings

Depending on status of work at VTS54, this session will be to review tasks 3.8.7, 3.8.6 or any final work on C0103-2 as appropriate.  This session will be led by […]

DTEC1 WG2 Opening Plenary

DTEC WG2 meeting room

WG2 - Opening Plenary (commence after full DTEC Committee welcome plenary) Includes review of outcomes from IALA Conference Review of input papers / work items 2023-2027

DTEC1 WG2 – New Technology Review (other)

DTEC WG2 meeting room

A review of the New Technology Review overview document Discuss / finalise items brought forward from last work session: i.e. Sigfox, SADRMT Identify other possible technologies for review

DTEC1 WG2 – MarCom Manual Review

DTEC WG2 meeting room

Review work to date on MarCom Manual (ex MRCP) Continue work Identify process to complete this work by DTEC-02

DTEC1 WG2 – Digital VHF

DTEC WG2 meeting room

Presentation and discussion This is scheduled for the morning session on Wednesday.

DTEC1 WG2 – MASS Guideline Development

DTEC WG2 meeting room

Review outcome of ENAV-EM1, intersessional work, input papers Identify process to continue work on this, noting the upcoming IALA MASS workshop on 2-3 Oct

DTEC1 WG2 – New Task – Skills related to digital environment

DTEC WG2 meeting room

Discuss the new task, including the task register document, for 'Develop a guideline on skills related to the digital environment, such as data analytics and maritime informatics and associated training […]

DTEC1 WG2 Closing Plenary

DTEC WG2 meeting room

Address any other business / remaining documents to be reviewed Review Report of DTEC01-WG2 Clean up of documentation as required Plan next steps / confirm intersessional work / key dates […]


ENG WG1 TG-2.2.3

Jonas and team will identify tasks and schedule for the IoT task including cyber security

ENG17 WG2 TG Racons

ENG WG3 TG-3.3 (Racon-radar)

Meet to discuss work for this work period.

ENG17 TG on WWA Level 2

Back-up room

Review Level 2 modules & Module 12 for silent approval

DTEC WG2 TG1 on IMT-2030

DTEC Plenary room

First Intersessional Meeting of Task Group on contribution to the development of IMT-2030 by formulating user requirements for Marine AtoN Organizer: Hyounhee KOO

DTEC WG1 TG on MCP specifications

DTEC WG1 meeting room

Intersessional meeting: The task group decided to progress on the MCP specifications which was submitted to DTEC1.

DTEC WG2 MarCom Manual

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Review latest version and work towards finalising the document.


ENG WG3 Meetings

Intersessional work on the Guideline on Medium Frequency R-Mode signal structure and navigation message