E-Bulletin September 2023


The 20th meeting of the ENAV Committee (ENAV20) was held in IALA Headquarters from 13th to 17th March 2017.

137 people from 29 countries and 5 sister organisations, attended the 20th session of the ENAV Committee, of which 33 participants were new and 2 were observers.

The Committee considered 144 input papers including presentations and produced 37 output papers and 9 working papers.

Work on the Maritime Service Portfolios (MSPs) was refocused on developing a single IALA Recommendation and Guideline on MSPs. Development of individual MSPs was deferred awaiting guidance from relevant stakeholders.

The Committee prepared a plan for promotion of testbeds through the IALA website.

A draft Recommendation and Guideline on eLoran were produced. It is noted that these are the first IALA Documents on eLoran.

Good progress was made with work associated with S-200 which contributes to harmonisation with IMO and IHO.

Work on VDES progressed with development of IALA Documentation on VDES and liaison with ITU regarding preparation for WRC-19.

A study on racons has identified two major causes for their poor performance in busy harbours. Liaison was initiated with CIRM to work with radar manufacturers to better define racon frequencies and usage.

The ENAV Committee work plan for the work period 2014-2018 was updated in the light of emerging developments.

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