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IALA Workshop on Common Phraseology and Procedures for VTS Communication

IALA Workshop on Common Phraseology and Procedures for VTS Communication

A workshop on the subject of Common Phraseology and Procedures for VTS Communication was hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation from 20 to 24 February 2017. The workshop was attended by 60 delegates, representing 13 countries and 2 Sister organisations.

The objective of the workshop was to assist in the development of IALA documentation and associated material addressing the delivery of VTS communication with a view to improving its effectiveness in both routine communications and in developing situations.

Three Working Groups, leaded by two experts each, discussed the following in order to contribute to IALA communication guidance in the future:

  • Language and Phraseology
  • Effective communication
  • Human Factors and Technology

Enhanced new communication means were investigated but the focus of the workshop was effective and harmonised verbal communication for VTS. But also the training aspects of VTS communication were discussed.

The workshop agreed nine conclusions which will form input for further developments of VTS communication guidance in the VTS Committee.

Lessons were learned from communication in other modalities like aviation to get a shared understanding between parties involved.

Part of the workshop was a technical tour to the Benoa VTS.

The workshop was excellent organised by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation. The participants enjoyed a welcome reception and technical tour dinner with traditional Balinese dances.

The workshop dinner was aboard a cruise ship.



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