E-Bulletin September 2023

IALA WWA technical needs assessment mission in Trinidad and Tobago

IALA World-Wide Academy technical needs assessment mission in Trinidad and Tobago

The IALA World-Wide Academy conducted a technical needs assessment mission to Trinidad and Tobago. The purpose of the mission was to assist the Ministry of Works and Transport with its endeavors to comply with international obligations relating to the safety of navigation as laid down in UNCLOS, SOLAS and the publications of IALA. The mission was conducted from 14 to 21 February 2017 by Mrs. Gerardine Delanoye, Programme Manager and Mr Stephen Bennett, Vice Dean of the IALA WWA. The initial results of the mission were briefed to the Permanent Secretary before the experts departed.

Technical inspections from land and from seaward took place, including a full day visit to Tobago. This mission was judged to have met its aims. Trinidad and Tobago is aware of the need to adopt the recommendations in the technical report. A review will determine whether they can be removed from the IALA target list.

In 2014 Mr. Boland, at present Superintended of Lighthouses from the Maritime Service Division, participated to the L1 AtoN Manager course in Paris and was awarded a best student certificate signed by the Secretary-Generals of IMO and IALA. Having trained people is essential for delivering AtoN Service to full international standard. In a country the size of Trinidad and Tobago one AtoN manager is not sufficient, therefor they consider to have more staff trained in the future.

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