E-Bulletin March 2023

WWA Micro Seminars, a supporting boost after a technical mission

The Academy organizes national Micro Seminars with Coastal States to discuss progress after a technical needs assessment mission. This is a welcome support for Competent Authorities or AtoN Service Providers on how to address recommendations after an IALA mission or IMSAS audit. And for the IALA WWA itself it’s important to learn how we can further support each state during this pandemic. Outcomes of such seminar could be that more training is necessary, a high-level meeting with the WWA is needed because a new person is in charge or a risk assessment will have to be conducted as the local situation changed.

Such a seminar takes places virtually between the Competent Authority or AtoN Service provider, the relevant stakeholders and the WWA Capacity Building expert. We provide the meeting link so apart from a few hours of your time an internet connection is needed. In the case you do not have an uninterrupted internet connection we may find a solution for that as well. A brief progress report will be send by the WWA expert afterwards which may assist you in your Safety of Navigation challenges.  Is your organization interested for such a micro seminar? Then please contact me via this email:

In addition to these micro seminars a series of IALA WWA technical AtoN webinars will follow. These will include a WWA lecture and expert input as per subject. So watch the IALA news and your LinkedIn account as more information will follow.

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