2019 Level 2 technician training in Argentina


For 2019, Hidrovía S.A. Argentina, an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), will continue delivering the L2 training program with Module 3 (Lights and Marine Lanterns), in response to good acceptance of last two editions:


  • 2017 – Modules 7 and 8 Operation and Maintenance of AIS-AtoN and Racons
  • 2018 – Module 2 Power Supplies in Aids to Navigation


a new training course has been confirmed, aimed at tech personnel specialized in AtoN Lights and Marine Lanterns, covering the following subjects:


  • L2.3.1            Introduction to light and range
  • L2.3.2            Light sources
  • L2.3.3            Colour used in marine lanterns
  • L2.3.4            Light flashers and characteristics
  • L2.3.5            Lamp changers
  • L2.3.6            Self-contained (integrated power system) marine lanterns
  • L2.3.7            Rotating beacons
  • L2.3.8            Classical lenses
  • L2.3.9            Maintenance of mercury rotating optics
  • L2.3.10          Range, sector and Precision Direction lights


The 40-hour third L2 course for Technical Personnel will dictate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a week to define in September , with a maximum attendance of 15 persons. The cost of the course will be five hundred dollars (500 U$S).


Details on enrollment, content, activities and miscellaneous info can be requested via e-mail at: mlmarpegan@hidrovia-gba.com.ar and cursosIALA@hidrovia-gba.com.ar