Level 2 technicians training in Argentina



In 2017, Hidrovía S.A. Argentina, an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), launched and dictate the L2 training program with modules 7 and 8 (Operation and Maintenance of AIS-AtoN and Racons).  In response to good acceptance, a new training course has been confirmed, aimed at tech personnel specialized in AtoN Power Supplies, covering the following subjects:

✓    L2.2.1            DC Power Systems

✓    L2.2.2            Primary and secondary battery maintenance

✓    L2.2.3            Photovoltaic (Solar panel) systems and maintenance

✓    L2-2.4            Wind generators

✓    L2: 2.5 – 2.6   Mains AC power systems and Petrol and diesel generators

✓    L2:2.7            Lightning protection.


The 40-hour second L2 course for Technical Personnel will dictate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between Sunday 16 and Friday 21 September, with a maximum attendance of 15 persons. The cost of the course will be five hundred dollars (500 U$S) including a sailing day doing maintenance task on AtoN installed.


Details on enrollment, content, activities and miscellaneous info can be requested via e-mail at: mlmarpegan@hidrovia-gba.com.ar and cursosIALA@hidrovia-gba.com.ar.