NOTICE – GPS Roll over April 6&7 2019

IALA wishes to inform its members that the GPS Week Number will be rolling over on April 6th, 2019.  This could lead to errors in both GPS position and time for some GPS receivers, or systems using GPS such as AIS.

This should not affect newer equipment, or equipment that has had regular firmware updates from the manufacturer.  While the date of the rollover is identified as April 6th, 2019, some equipment may rollover on a different date depending on the implementation in the manufacturer’s firmware.  Most manufacturers are aware of the rollover and have provided information on their websites.  In preparation for the rollover, many administrations are providing guidance.

For owners of equipment with GPS:

  1. Make sure all recent firmware updates are completed;
  2. Check with your GPS manufacturer for further information on GPS-dependent equipment and identify what action, if any is, required by the operator;
  3. Identify what effect this could have on your current operations, PNT (position, navigation and timing) solutions and potential issues if failure occurred;
  4. Operators of such equipment should monitor and, wherever possible, verify their equipment for any errors.

In practical terms – coastal/port authorities:

  1. Confirm equipment that includes GPS (e. AIS base stations) are updated and perform correctly before and after the event
  2. Check that any GPS -enable/connect equipment is reading correct time/date before and after the event (might need to examine data logs)
  3. Advise personnel dealing with equipment that makes use of GPS, including VTS Personnel and AtoN personnel, noting the possible errors that may be introduced.

Please provide feedback to IALA on any issues identified regarding the GPS rollover event.

Photo Credit: ESA.