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ASTER is an independent Italian engineering firm specialized in the sectors of complex systems and high technology Infrastructures. The Company provides specialized engineering services in the main business areas of Defense Electronics, Security and Transportation, Environment and Utilities, based on the following key strength factors:  Tier-1 supplier of Industrial Primes in the High Technology sector  Direct qualification with Public Entities as independent specialist consultant  Certification of Company qualifications  Portfolio of own technological developments As consultancy organization fully independent from the industry players and governmental authorities, our objective is to provide Final Customers with a 360° specialized and impartial support, that can apply to all the CSS projects’ phases from the initial master plan up to the management of system operational cycle and to the strengthening of customer staff with training and specialization. Thanks to the long term experience and strong competences and knowhow of the key personnel in the field of coastal surveillance, ASTER is fully qualified to provide specialist consultancy and engineering services in several related areas, such as:  Coastal surveillance systems;  VTS, VTMIS and E-Navigation  Port Security systems and ISPS code implementation;  Port Information management systems;  Maritime security management systems,  Global Monitoring systems (GMES, LRIT, S-AIS, SAR). Furthermore, the Company can count on a strategic positioning as reference consultants of national and international end users of the maritime surveillance sector and on consolidated relations with key industrial players. The selected pool of experts will be supported by a “back-office” technical staff that will assure the required manpower for the execution of daily project tasks (preparation of reports and documentation, logistics and local services, support on international commercial law and insurance matters). ASTER is an engineering company with extensive experience on projects of similar magnitude, in accordance with International Institutions procurement procedures, and with extensive “hand on” experience of international contracts of similar size and complexity and a deep understanding of international commercial law and international trade and insurance matters. The Company was created in June of 2010 following the Management Buy Out of the "ASsystem TEchnologies Rome” business unit of Assystem Italia (ASSYSTEM Group), and so, it inherited all the relevant strategic assets, including the competence and experience of the key personnel, as well as the consolidated portfolio of industrial and institutional customers in the relevant markets, dating back ten years. ASTER operates within the framework of full commercial and operational continuity with the former business of ASSYSTEM, and maintains a strong partnership with the ASSYSTEM Group through a dedicated cooperation agreement. At the same time, as a totally independent SME, ASTER aims at positioning itself on the national and international engineering and technological innovation consultancy market as a new, independent brand of specialized engineering, which supports the development of large technological projects with an impartialand independent consulting service that complies with the highest technical and professional standards, in order to protect the strategic interests of its customers and support their competitiveness on the global market. ASTER Management Team includes specialists and experts that have been active in the relevant sector since early 2000, having common professional experience first with D'Appolonia S.p.A. and then with the ASSYSTEM Group. ASTER offers specialist consulting, design and integrated engineering services based on excellence of domain competences in complex systems, maritime surveillance, decision support systems and technological infrastructures for the defence & security, aerospace and transports markets. Human resources are the main and most important elements in creating ASTER's value. The continuous development strategy of our staff skills and reliability, along with partnerships with the academic and industrial world, and the access to the international network of ASSYSTEM Group, allow us to provide our customers with updated qualifications that comply with the highest professional and technical standards.

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