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SeaHow – a brand of Arctia Ltd

Meritaito Ltd was founded in 2010 after the reorganization of the Finnish Maritime Administration. From the begining of 2019 Meritaito was merged to Arctia Group. We are 100% state owned company with turnover of 80M€ in 2020. We provide ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality services in ice breaking and ice management, maintenance of fairways and navigational aids, operations and maintenance of fairway locks, oil response services, marine and civil construction, fairway planning and civil engineering, hydrographic surveys, underwater investigations and manufacturing of aids to navigation.

We have produced polyethylene spar buoys in Finland since 1976. Even today 30.000 units of SeaHow polyethylene buoys of different type are in use all year round, including winter time. The annual production of our factory exceeds 1.500 units. The buoys meet the IALA recommendations.

Polyethylene spar buoys have unique technical features that provide significant advantages over conventional steel buoys. Over the years they simply come cheaper since, because:

• Light weight and anchoring
• Lighter deployment equipment
• Less maintenance and costs
• Guaranteed lifetime 20+ years
• Easy to customize

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Name Kari Pohjola

Position Director, buoys and smart monitoring solutions


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