These documents represent the highest level of IALA documentation (they would relate to a ‘standard’ in an intergovernmental organisation). Recommendations provide direction to IALA members on uniform procedures and processes that will facilitate IALA objectives. IALA recommendations contain information on how members should plan, operate and manage Aids to Navigation. Recommendations may reference relevant International Standards and IALA Guidelines.

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ID Title Last revised date Price Format
R1019 R1019 – Provision of Maritime Services in the context of e-navigation in the domain of IALA 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
R1004 R1004 – Sustainability in the Provision of Marine Aids to Navigation 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
R0119 R0119(V-119) The Implementation of Vessel Traffic Services 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
R1018 R1018 – Responsible Design, Operation and Maintenance on the provision of Marine AtoN 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
R0111 R0111(E111) Port Traffic Signals 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
R1016 R1016 – Mobile Marine Aids to Navigation (MAtoN) 15 December 2017 0.00 PDF: English
A-124 App.3 A-124 Appendix 3 – Distribution Model of the AIS Service (including relevant coverage planning aspects) 07 December 2012 0.00 PDF: English
R1017 R1017 – Resilient Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) 14 December 2018 0.00 PDF: English
R-150 R-150 DGNSS Service Provision, Upgrades and Future Uses 16 December 2016 0.00 PDF: English
G1129 G1129 The Retransmission of SBAS Corrections Using MF-Radio Beacon and AIS 15 December 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R1015 R1015 Marking of Hazardous Wrecks 15 December 2017 0.00
R1014 R1014 Portrayal of VTS Information and Data 15 December 2017 0.00
R1013 R1013 Auditing and Assessing Vessel Traffic Services 15 December 2017 0.00
R1012 R1012 VTS Communications 15 December 2017 0.00
R1001 R1001 – The IALA Maritime Buoyage System 11 January 2018 0.00 PDF: English
R1007 R1007 – The VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) for Shore Infrastructure 16 June 2017 0.00 PDF: English