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The Flash Simulator is a tool for an AtoN or fairway designer for visual testing and evaluating different flashing characters of AtoN lights and their compatibility with others in a group. The software can be used for finding the best light characters for leading lights, testing and showing advantages of different solutions of synchronized lights in channel marking, etc. The software was developed for Estonian Transport Administration and can be downloaded from their cloud server in two versions:

1) Directly executable (portable) Flash Simulator. It consists of five files that have to be saved in the same folder. The Simulator is started from the FlashSimulator.exe.

2) Installer package of the Flash Simulator. In case certain components required to run the Flash Simulator (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, Windows Installer 4.5) are missing in your computer the directly executable version does not work. Then download this version and run the setup.exe that starts the installation wizard that checks for the required components in the computer and installs Microsoft .NET Framework and Windows Installer from the installation package, if needed, along with the Flash Simulator.

User manual (Help) is available in the program behind the blue icon with a question mark in the upper right corner of the window.