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The purpose of this chapter is to clarify the meaning of some of the important words as used in the IALA Conservation Manual in accordance with internationally accepted standards in relation to Historic Buildings with some additional words not officially recorded but included here to assist the users of the manual.

Also included for information are some definitions, which the members of The Panel for the Preservation of Historic Lighthouses (now incorporated into the Engineering, Environment and Preservation of Historic Lighthouses Committee) provided to IALA members in order to allow them to identify their most important Historic Lighthouses for inclusion in the IALA publication “Lighthouses of the World”. It is considered that these are still relevant today in the relation to the original design and use of the Aid to Navigation.

The content of this chapter should be used in conjunction with the IALA Conservation Manual version 1 published in 2006 until such time as a new version is published in which it is intended to incorporate this document.


1. Stirling Charter [1].

2. British Standard BS 7913: 1998 The principles of the conservation of historic buildings.

3. IALA Lighthouse Conservation Manual Version 1, 2006.

Other relevant sources of information

1. Definitions in a better known international charter such as Burra: [2].

2. Organisation of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) provides details of other charters from the last forty years. [3]


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