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Participants at EEP20

This wiki is a part of the IALA committee knowledge sharing toolbox, and is a place where IALA committee members share information, collaborate on developing IALA Guidelines and Recommendations, and store informal information of importance for their past and future work. Please take note of the new page Basic rules for editing IALAWIKI pages. If you are a new user, please consult our introduction page for new users. The site has been edited 4,358 times.


Simon Millyard, Chair ENG
Phil Day, Chair ARM
(also known as ARM-Chair)
Tuncay Çehreli, former chair of VTS
Omar Frits Eriksson, former Chair EEP & ENAV, now Dean of WWA and Seamus Doyle
Wim Van Der Heijden
Monika Sunklev, Chair VTS

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