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Welcome to the IWRAP Mk2 Wiki site.

IWRAP is a modeling tool useful for maritime risk assessment. Using IWRAP you can estimate the frequency of collisions and groundings in a given waterway based on information about traffic volume/composition, route geometry and bathymetry.

This Wiki provides some guidance on the use of the IALA Risk Management Tool IWRAP

IALA Risk Management Seminars/courses:
  • Next event is planned to take place in cyberspace as an online course. See the IALA Evet Calendar for details.

Here you can find some useful IWRAP resources.

To get started with IWRAP, please study the User Manual, the IWRAP Frequently Asked Questions or the Background Theory Documentation.

If you need to install IWRAP Mk2, please goto Installation

Please study Interpretation of causation factors in IWRAP by Markus Porthin, VTT, 18 February, 2010.

Have a look at the IMO SN Circular 296 on IALA Risk Management Toolbox

Have a close look at the IWRAP Anthem

The first commercial version of IWRAP Mk2 was released August 3rd 2010. Have a look at the commercial version page. Also you might want to take a look at How to Create a Model using the commercial version PowerPoint presentation from the IWRAP session at the Risk Management Toolbox seminar at IALA HQ November 15-19, 2010.

IWRAP Mk2 now also has the ability to estimate the CO2 Emissions within a given IWRAP Mk2 model.

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