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How to Report to PAP on Dictionary revisions[edit]

Remember to categorize all the revised pages, i.e. tag them as belonging to a category - Say [[Category:2017 Revision]]

Then follow this procedure:

  • Edit this page: Report to PAP to say what you want to report to PAP (front page of the report to PAP).
  • Start the book Creator
  • Add this page Report to PAP as the first page of the book
  • Add the changes made (revised terms) by including all pages from [[Category:2017 Revision]] to the book
  • Render the book as PDF
  • Download the finished document

And you are done!

Update the list of Acronyms[edit]

The list of Acronyms is kept on a page titled Acronyms

See how the Acronyms are encoded on this page is described here:

If you want to update the list of acronyms, you should just add the new acronyms to the list while respecting the basic encoding.

A neat way of updating the list is to copy the existing list of acronyms from the Acronyms page into an editor, and do your editing if the list from within the editor. Once finished, you would sort the list, so the new list of acronyms are lined up alphabetically, paste the list into the Acronyms page, and then publish the page.

Add new users (editors) to the Dictionary Wiki[edit]

If you need to add a new user to the wiki this can be done on the Special:CreateAccount page.

Remember to fill inall fields, including the e-mail, which enables the wiki to send e-mails to the new user.

Be careful who you add as editor to the Dictionary Wiki, they will be able to change everything.

Portable Document Format

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