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{{languages|Pre-Focus Cap}}
{{languages|Pre-Focus Cap}}
[[Category:2.3 Light Sources]
[[Category:2.3 Light Sources]]
[[Category:Alphabetical Index]]
[[Category:Alphabetical Index]]
[[Category:IALA Dictionary 1970-89 Edition]]
[[Category:IALA Dictionary 1970-89 Edition]]

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A cap (type P) which enables the luminous element to be brought into a specified position relative to the cap during manufacture of the lamp.

By this means, reproducible positioning can be assured when the lamp is inserted in a suitable lampholder.

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Note: A Flanged Cap (Culot a Ailettes in French; Flanschsockel in German) is a particular type of pre-focus cap.

Reference: C.I.E. (modified)

Please note that this is the term as it stands in the original IALA Dictionary edition (1970-1989)


Celsius (previously Centigrade)


charge current




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