Wreck (2)

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Wreck, following upon a maritime casualty, means:

  1. a) a sunken or stranded ship; or
  2. b) any part of a sunken or stranded ship, including any object that is or has been on board such a ship; or
  3. c) any object that is lost at sea from a ship and that is stranded, sunken or adrift at sea; or
  4. d) a ship that is about, or may reasonably be expected, to sink or to strand, where effective measures to assist the ship or any property in danger are not already being taken. #

Source: Nairobi Convention 2017, provided by the IALA ARM Committee in paper ARM7-12.1.14 in 2017.

This supercedes definition number 1-2-205 in the original IALA Dictionary edition (1970-1989).