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IALA Committees

Welcome to the IALA committees area. This page provides general information on the committee organisations, including the working group structure, and terms of reference. if you require further information, please visit the dashboard (https://www.iala-aism.org/committee-dashboards/). During the committees, all participants should respect the general data protection policy and patent policy as articulated below.

General information for the participants

This booklet provides general information such as the location of the office, transport, meeting room and IT facility of the office.

General Information Handbook for Committee (Download)

IALA General Data Protection Policy

IALA complies with the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU. IALA will include a list of participants with their contact information in the report of this meeting. Any participant who wishes to remove their contact details from the participant’s list should advise the Committee Secretary as soon as possible.

IALA Patent Policy

If participants have knowledge of any patents, including pending patent applications, either their own or of other organisations or individuals, the use of which may be required to practice or implement the content of IALA Documents being developed or worked on in the meeting, please advise the IALA Secretariat as soon as possible and in any event before the meeting.

IALA patent policy and associated procedures (download)

more information on patentable subject matters;

https://www.iala-aism.org/wiki/ialawiki/index.php/IALA_and_Patentable_subject_matters (download)