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e-Nav Underway

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A series of e-Navigation Underway Conferences is led by IALA, in close cooperation with interested maritime administrations of IMO Member States and international organisations. These conferences are concerned with gathering stakeholder opinions and facilitating the exchange of views and experiences, promoting understanding between equipment manufacturers and users, cooperation in field tests and verification of emerging e-navigation concepts and technologies and discussions on future e-navigation policy. Each conference produces a set of conclusions for the guidance of stakeholders and to further progress e-navigation.

The first International e-Navigation Underway Conference was organised under the auspices of the Danish Maritime Authority and IALA in 2011 and attracted participation from around the world and a wide cross section of stakeholders. Since then, it has been held annually, in late January or early February, on board a ferry making the passage between Copenhagen and Oslo.

The e-Navigation Underway North America Conference was established in 2014, also as an annual event, and it takes place in October.

The first e-Navigation Underway Asia Pacific Conference took place in the Republic of Korea in June 2017 and was supported by the Asia Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies (APHoMSA).