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At its XIIth session held in La Coruna, Spain in May 2014, the IALA General Assembly adopted a resolution stating its firm belief that IGO status will best facilitate IALA’s aims in the 21st century and determining that the new status should be achieved, as soon as possible, through the development of an international treaty instrument (GA Resolution A.01 of 27 May 2014).

The envisaged new “Convention on the International Organization for Marine Aids to Navigation” (“IALA Convention”) will meet the requirements of the Vienna Convention for International Treaties and supersede, upon fulfilment of agreed entry-into-force requirements, the present IALA Constitution. It will be presented for adoption at a future diplomatic conference to be convened under the auspices of IALA. Upon adoption, it will be open for signature by all member States of the UN.

Submissions during the Conference (The Committee of the Whole)

KL- Submission from Argentina

KL- U.S. Proposed Modifications to IALA Convention

KL- Submission from Egypt

KL- Submission from the Netherlands

KL- U.S. Proposed Modifications to IALA Convention Annex

KL- Submission from Colombia

KL- Submission from South Korea

KL- Submission from Ireland

KL- Submission from Canada, Finland, Japan, Singapore and Ireland


Input papers to the Drafting Committee

KL 6.1.2(E) Rev 1 Draft Convention (after CW)

KL 7.1(E) Rev 1 Draft Conference Resolutions (6 languages)

KL 9.3 (E) Draft Final Act of the Conference-after DC