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Search in IALA Publications

This is an experimental search engine which indexes the content of a repository of the current IALA standards, recommendations, guidelines, model courses and manuals, including the IALA Navguide, the VTS manual and the Complementary Use of Lighthouses manual. The repository was updated in August 2021.

These two search operators are supported:

  1. Quotes to search by phrase. Put your query in quotes (” “) for an exact match.
    Example: “bill gates”. In this case no pages or documents that mention something like “you have to pay this bill to open the gates” would come up in your search.
  2. Negation to exclude a term. Put a minus (-) right before the word that you want to remove from search results.
    Example: bill -gates. In this case all pages or documents mentioning bill and NOT mentioning gates would be found.
    Note the space between bill and the minus (-). If you omit the space and use bill-gates it will be treated as a phrase, and “bill-gates” will come up in your search as well as both bill and gates.

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