Sustainable structural design of Marine AtoN

Sustainable structural design

It is important that the structural design and construction of Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) complies with the standards, regulations, codes and guidelines, applicable for the geographical region. It is particularly important in countries with extreme climatic conditions such as cyclones, extreme waves, or seismic induced activity, that AtoN are designed for relevant current and future environmental conditions.

IALA has published Guideline G1165 Sustainable Structural Design for Marine Aids to Navigation to help AtoN managers better understand structural design principles, terminology and requirements for both land and marine based fixed AtoN and to be able to converse more confidently with design consultants and construction contractors.

Typical design standards used in different regions

IALA is also producing supplementary information to help AtoN managers identify relevant regional structural design standards in areas such as the Southern Pacific islands and the Caribbean (coming soon).

Further information

Together with other related IALA publilcations, listed below, Guideline G1165 provides more detailed information on the structural design principles used for AtoN design.