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Communication from the Depositary (France)

Please find below communication from the Depositary about the opening for signature of the Convention on the International Organization for Marine Aids to Navigation:

Download the process for signature – EN

Télécharger le processus de signature – FR

Descargar el proceso de firma – SP

Please find below the certified versions of the Convention in the official languages:

French version

English version

Spanish version

Russian version

Arabic version

Chinese version

January 2021

The ceremony for the first signing of the convention by the French minister of the sea and the opening to signature of the convention was held on the 27th of January 2021 in France, host country of the organization.

See the speech from the Secretary-General here.

Voir le discours du secrétaire général ici.

February 2020

Adoption of the Kuala Lumpur Convention at the Diplomatic Conference held from 25 to 28 February.

Please see the White Book here.

March 2019

Roadmap towards a Diplomatic Conference.

Download here the report from the 3rd Preparatory Diplomatic Conference held in Instanbul, Republic of Turkey, from 12 to 14 March 2019.

Roadmap towards a 3rd Preparatory Diplomatic Conference.

February 2018

Please download here the Invitation letter to National members and Points of contact for the 2nd Preparatory Diplomatic Conference held in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco on 7-8 February 2018.

April 2017

1st Preparatory Diplomatic Conference held in Paris, France, April 18-19, 2017. Please download here the agreed roadmap in 3 languages:

Roadmap towards a Diplomatic Conference – EN

Roadmap towards a Diplomatic Conference – FR

Roadmap towards a Diplomatic Conference  – SP

January 2017

In accordance with the Draft Convention text (see below) Article 6.7 Council has approved the Draft General Regulations and Draft Financial Regulations:

Draft IALA General Regulations

December 2016

Letters about the pre-diplomatic conference to be held in Paris, 18-19 April 2017 are sent to all IALA National Members. Please see below the letters and explanatory note in 3 languages.

Pre-diplomatic Conference Letter – English and Annex A Draft IALA Convention Explanatory Note – English

Pre-diplomatic Conference Letter – French and Annex A Draft IALA Convention Explanatory Note – French

Pre-diplomatic Conference Letter – Spanish and Annex A Draft IALA Convention Explanatory Note – Spanish

November 2015

The information paper on Change of Status of IALA from NGO to IGO was submitted to IMO 29th General Assembly. It was noted by the assembly without comments.

Information paper on change of status of IALA in English.
Information paper on change of status of IALA in French.
Information paper on change of status of IALA in Spanish.

December 2014

The General Assembly Resolution directed Council to prepare IALA for a change of status. At its December meeting IALA Council established a Working Group for that purpose.

The new Change of Status Working Group will deliver a high level action plan for the transition of IALA to an IGO and will also finalise IALA’s version of the required Convention text.

The Working Group will meet at least twice yearly, with the first meeting taking place in Madrid on April 9-10, 2015. Assistance will be provided to the Working Group by the Legal Advisory Panel and the Strategy Group.

The Government of France has commenced diplomatic activities and will continue to work closely with Council and the Working Group.

27 May 2014

The IALA General Assembly debated the issue of a change of status for IALA at its General Assembly meeting today.
Forty National Members were in attendance (from a possible 77), and robust discussion took place.

Some National Members remained concerned about the identification of risks and their potential impact, whilst others expressed the view that the time is right to move this initiative forward whilst recognising that risk is always associated with change.

National Members were asked to approve a Resolution, which amongst other things directs Council to further consider the preparation of IALA for a change of status. The Resolution was passed by 29 votes to 11. Council will give further consideration to this important project at its meeting later this year.

The full report of the General Assembly is available here.

28 April 2014

The IALA General Assembly will determine whether IALA should direct its efforts towards achieving International Intergovernmental Organisation status at its meeting in A Coruna, Spain, next month.  The General Assembly will consider a Resolution on this issue at its first session on 27 May 2014.

The current draft text of the International Agreement and the text of the IALA information Brochure are available via the links provided in the text below.

19 March 2014

Thirty six participants from 16 countries attended the second extraordinary Legal Advisory Panel meeting at IALA Headquarters last week. The group completed the tasks set by Council (see Roadmap and Explanation) by finalising proposed changes to the IALA Constitution, creating a Project Risk Register for the Change of Status Project and developing a draft General Assembly Resolution.

The group also identified additional benefits that may arise as a result of the change of status.  These documents will be forwarded to Council for out of session approval or noting, following which they will be used to prepare an information package to be sent to all National Members before the General Assembly.

The Report of the meeting is available here.  Further consideration of the draft International Agreement (the latest version is here)  will take place after the General Assembly meeting in A Coruna in May 2014.

06 February 2014

IALA National Members are invited to the second extraordinary Legal Advisory Panel meeting, 12-13 March 2014 at IALA Headquarters.  This meeting will consider three issues related to the change of status project – the IALA Constitution, risk assessment and text for a Resolution for General Assembly to support this change. The meeting will also provide for working groups to consider matters relevant to the success of this project. Please see the LAP Ex2 Agenda for further details.

December 2013

Council remains committed to a change of status for IALA and provided further direction to LAP in regard to matters that will required consideration prior to the General Assembly meeting in May 2014.  Please see item 11.1 of the Council 56 Report.

05 September 2013

IALA National Members have been invited to an Extraordinary meeting of the Legal Advisory Panel to work on the text of the International Agreement. Please see the LAP Meeting details. All National members are encouraged to comment on the draft International agreement by 27 September, and to attend the meeting in Copenhagen.

The brochure explaining the benefits of a change of status for IALA can be accessed by clicking here