Collision Avoidance

1.  Brief Description

–          see a Picture

–          Display type: ECDIS

2. Functional Capabilities (types of data à information content)

–          it makes collision avoidance route automatically

–          it controls the ship to follow scheduled route or collision avoidance route

–          it shows give up signal on the screen as a pop up menu. The give up signal is initiated when the automatic collision avoidance system could not find any collision avoidance route.

–          it provides an one action lever for changing the control from Automatic to manual

–          it provides information by using a display and an artificial voice.

3. Intended Purpose

–          display information on automatic collision avoidance system


–          it avoids collision automatically

4. Portrayal examples

–          image of a display with collision avoidance route.

b) lessons-learned

c) some concerns