The New IALA Logo

The new logo of IALA is now available for your use. There are 3 logotypes for better harmonisation with your targeted document.
In accordance with IALA’s procedure, please respect the use of the logo as follows:

  • Blue logo over a white background
  • White logo over a blue background
  • Black version is to be used only when printing is contrained (postmark of fax)
  • Do not change the colour of the square background
  • Do not change the colour of the logo: the blue must be PANTONE 7462C (CMYK: C100-M63-Y20-K6 or RGB: R0-G85-B140)
  • Do not change the typeface
  • Do not dissociate the mermaid from the acronym
  • When using the logo without its square background, do not use neither the blue version against a dark background, nor the white version against a light background.

Please click on the links below to download.