PT Kemenangan

PT. KEMENANGAN which was established in 1954 in Jakarta as a national trading and industrial company. Our products are specialized in the Marine Equipments and Rubber Products with the brand name of KEMANĀ®.

Our products such as:
– Steel Light Buoy and Mooring Buoy made from Steel or Polyethylene.
– Rubber Fender for berthing pier / boat, Rubstrips / Boatlanding Bumper for Offshore Platform.
– Bollard, made from cast iron or cast steel
– Mechanical Rubber Goods: Rubber Hose (variety of sizes and purposes & applications such as Asphalt, Cement, Mud, Chemicals, Oil, Water and Air), Rubber Sheet, Engine Mounting, Rubber Roll (for printing, labeling, or industry).
– Warehouse Bumper for Unloading / Loading Dock
– Other rubber products according to the application that requested by the customer.
– Coating: ceramic coatings and polyurea coatings. Suitable for chemicals, waterproofing, anti-abrasion, anti-fouling.

Our company also the sole agent for SBNP Tool (Navigation Aid), with brand Tideland, USA, and sole agent for SSCS (Seabed Scour Control System Limited) from UK.

Please kindly see our Company profile and brochure attached or please visit our website: and for our complete product lines.

Contact info

Name Adiwidjaja Masman

Position Executive Director




Jl. Gunung Sahari No. 75

Jakarta Pusat



Telephone +62 21 4207083

Fax +62 21 4200052

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