Marine Department HKSAR, Hong Kong, China

Management of matters related to Marine Pollution Control, Harbour
Mooring & Aids to Navigation.

“We are One in Promoting Excellence in Marine Services”

Safety of Life at Sea – We pledge to devote our professional knowledge and technical expertise to protecting the lives of those who work on ships or travel by sea.
Search and Rescue – We pledge to respond immediately to any maritime distress message received in the Hong Kong Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.
Ferry Terminal Passengers – We pledge, in conjunction with staff of Immigration Department, Customs and Excise Department, Department of Health and the Hong Kong Police Force, to operate the Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal and China Ferry Terminal safely and efficiently.
Pollution Control – We aim to dispatch the response team to reach the scene of any oil spill incident inside harbour limits within two hours of notification and to provide effective service for collection of floating refuse in Hong Kong waters and domestic refuse from local vessels and ocean-going vessels within specified areas.
Marine Industrial Safety – We pledge to serve the maritime industry by making our harbour a safe place for cargo handling, marine construction, ship-repairing and ship-building.
Services During Typhoon – We pledge to provide refuge and assist vessels to take shelter during the passage of typhoon.
Boating Community – We aim to maintain a safe marine environment for persons to own and operate their own boats.
Marine Environmental Protection – We pledge to conduct our services and operations in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner conducive to a cleaner Port of Hong Kong.

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Position Assistant Superintendent of Aids to Navigation




G/F, Block E, Government Dockyard, Stonecutters Island

Hong Kong



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