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Since 1961 Resinex is one of the world leaders in the marine equipment industry. The wide range of products and the high level of versatility give Resinex the capability to satisfy small and big customers of the world seas. For the marine aids to navigation sector Resinex manufactures Elastic Beacons, Land Beacons and Light Buoys. Elastic Beacons features (invented by Resinex in the 1970's and in constant innovation through continuous research): - Semi-rigid structure. The big float and exclusive Resinex anchoring system, which has the characteristic of being elastic but fixed, allows the pilon very little freedom of movement in a horizontal direction yet guaranteeing elasticity (and so automatic repositioning) in the event of collision. - Precision. Beacon fixed in the optimum position for navigational signalling (light, acoustic, radio). - Visibility. A tower is only visible above water level whose height above sea-level gives it excellent daytime visibility even at great distances. - Strength and flexible at the same time. - Monitoring. Reinex Elastic Beacons are the ideal support for the instruments necessary for a correct and constant monitoring of the marine environment. Land Beacons features (produced since 1961): - Strength & Safety. Fixed Resinex beacon for the signalling of the port entrance. - Visibility. The considerable visibility of the vertical signal guarantees a precise positioning to the sailors. - Lightness. Powerful lanterns with various-nautical-mile range and anti-fog devices. Light Buoys features (produced since 1961): - Lightness. For luminous signalling Led lamps are used with a range of up to 15 nautical miles and are fed by a solar panel system which guarantees autonomy. - Resistant to the marine agents. - Ad-hoc. The mooring system utilized by the Resinex signalling buoys varies according to the depth and type of seabed as well as the different marine meteorological conditions it has to face. The Resinex procedures guarantee that all the products are manufactured with appropriated materials and in accordance with manufacturing specifications. The Resinex Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and follows each order during manufacturing procedures.

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