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TOKYO KEIKI VTS AND COASTAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM TOKYO KEIKI’s Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Coastal Surveillance system contributes to the safety of life at sea, safety and efficiency of navigation, the protection of the marine environment, the adjacent shore area, worksites, and offshore installations from possible adverse effects of marine traffic. The vessel traffic information is collected by various sensors; Solid State Rader, AIS base station, CCTV camera, VHF radio, meteorological observation sensors and others. The variety of collected information is integrated through information processing system and is sent into a plenty of Operation displays instantly. Our VTS System has been used by Japan Coast Guard (JCG) since 1964. We provide large-scale VTS systems for VTS centers. Our VTS system complies with IALA recommendation V-128. TOKYO KEIKI Ku BAND SOLID STATE RADAR TOKYO KEIKI Ku BAND SOLID STATE RADAR enables VTS operator detects small objects under any weather conditions and we believe that we are a leading company in Japanese VTS / coastal surveillance market. The core component of our Solid-State radar; Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) is fabricated by GaN devices, which enables high output, miniaturization and high efficiency. KEY BENEFITS ・Low Operating Cost   Solid-State radar does not use consumable Magnetron.   Low electricity consumption ・High Performance   High resolution   Excellent target detection capability from the pulse Doppler processing eliminate rain clutter   Low sea clutter   Complies with ITU-R Recommendation [SM.1541-3] spurious Regulation ・Further Possibilities   Additional multi-radars   Additional sensors   Cooperate with a patrol boat   Automatic mailing alarm system   Unmanned monitoring system   VTS Simulator   Vessel Traffic Data Analyzer

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