These documents represent the highest level of IALA documentation (they would relate to a 'standard' in an intergovernmental organisation). Recommendations provide direction to IALA members on uniform procedures and processes that will facilitate IALA objectives. IALA recommendations contain information on how members should plan, operate and manage Aids to Navigation. Recommendations may reference relevant International Standards and IALA Guidelines.
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These documents provide detailed, in depth information on an aspect of a specific subject, indicating options, best practices and suggestions for implementation. IALA Guidelines relate to planning, operating and managing aids to navigation.
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These documents give a detailed overview of a specific topic. Currently this includes: NAVGUIDE; VTS Manual; and CLU Manual. The NAVGUIDE covers all aspects of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and is updated every four years at each IALA Conference. The VTS Manual covers all aspects of Vessel Traffic Services and is updated every four years at each Symposium.
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Reports and Proceedings

This catalogue includes reports from recent workshops. This section will be periodically updated as new workshops, seminars and other events occur. If there is a report that is not included in this catalogue please notify IALA on the following address:
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