An IALA Standard is a part of a framework, the implementation of which by all coastal states will harmonise Marine Aids to Navigation worldwide. IALA standards cover technology and services and are non-mandatory.
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An IALA Recommendation specifies what practices shall be carried out in order to comply with that Recommendation, and may be referenced, in full or in part, in an IALA Standard. If you require any old versions of the document, please contact the secretariat:
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An IALA Guideline describes how to implement practices normally specified in a Recommendation. If you require an old version of documents, please contact the secretariat:
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These documents give a detailed overview of a specific topic. Currently this includes: NAVGUIDE; VTS Manual; and CLU Manual. The NAVGUIDE covers all aspects of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and is updated every four years at each IALA Conference. The VTS Manual covers all aspects of Vessel Traffic Services and is updated every four years at each Symposium.
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Model courses

The IALA World-Wide Academy publishes three categories of model course for VTS personnel; Aids to Navigation Managers and Aids to Navigation Technicians.
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Other Publications

From time to time, IALA produces documents that do not fall into the categories of Recommendation, Guideline or Manual. These documents are published as Other Documents and include the IALA Maritime Radio Communications Plan, the IALA World Wide Radionavigation Plan and a brochure on VTS operator fatigue.
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Reports and Proceedings

This catalogue includes reports from recent workshops. This section will be periodically updated as new workshops, seminars and other events occur. If there is a report that is not included in this catalogue please notify IALA on the following address:
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