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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1094 G1094 Daymarks for AtoN 24 June 2016 PDF: English
G1094:fr G1094 Les marques de jour comme aides à la navigation PDF: French
G1035 G1035 Availability and Reliability of Aids to Navigation 01 December 2004 PDF: English
G1061:es G1061 Aplicaciones de la luz de iluminación de estructuras 04 December 2008 PDF: Spanish
G1108 G1108 The Challenges of Providing AtoN Services in Polar Regions 09 December 2013 PDF: English
G1061 G1061 Light Applications – Illumination of Structures 04 December 2008 PDF: English
G1037:es G1037 Recopilacion Datos 01 December 2005 PDF: Spanish
G1098 G1098 Application of AIS AtoN on Buoys 31 May 2013 PDF: English
G1050 G1050 Management and Monitoring of AIS Information 07 December 2005 PDF: English
G1084 G1084 Procedure for the Authorisation of AIS AtoN 24 June 2011 PDF: English
G1082 G1082 An overview of AIS 24 June 2016 PDF: English
G1062 G1062 Establishment of AIS as an Aid to Navigation 04 December 2008 PDF: English
G1095 G1095 Harmonised Implementation of Application-Specific Messages 31 May 2013 PDF: English
G1086 G1086 Global Sharing of Maritime Data 22 June 2012 PDF: English
G1081:es G1081 Ayudas virtuales a la navegación 01 May 2010 PDF: Spanish
G1111 G1111 Establishing Functional Performance Requirements 16 December 2022 PDF: English