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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1023 G1023 Design of Leading Lines December 2005 01 December 2005 PDF: English
G1020 G1020 Training Related to AtoN 01 December 2005 PDF: English
G1018 G1018 Risk Management 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1017 G1017 Assessment for Recognition of Prior Learning in VTS Training 10 June 2021 PDF: English
G1016 G1016 Bilateral agreements and inter-agency memorandums of understanding on the provision of DGNSS services in the frequency band 283.5 – 325 kHz 13 June 2001 PDF: English
G1015:es G1015 Pintura de las boyas de ayuda a la navegación 07 December 2005 PDF: Spanish
G1015 G1015 Painting aids to navigation buoys 13 December 2013 PDF: English
G1014 G1014 Accreditation of VTS Training Organizations and Approval to Deliver VTS Model Courses 31 January 2022 PDF: English
G1012 G1012 Protection of Lighthouses and other Aids to Navigation against Damage from Lightning 02 May 2013 PDF: English
G1010 G1010 Racon Range Performance 17 June 2005 PDF: English
G1008 G1008 Remote monitoring and control of aids to navigation 28 May 2009 PDF: English
G1006 G1006 Plastic buoys 14 December 2018 PDF: English
G1005 G1005 Contracting out Aids to Navigation Services 07 December 2005 PDF: English
G1004 G1004 Level of Service 16 June 2017 PDF: English