An IALA Recommendation specifies what practices shall be carried out in order to comply with that Recommendation, and may be referenced, in full or in part, in an IALA Standard.

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ID Title Last revised date Format
R0120 R0120 (V-120) Vessel Traffic Services in Inland Waters 13 December 2013 PDF: English
R0127 R0127 (V-127) VTS Operations 31 January 2022 PDF: English
R0128 R0128 Operational and Technical Performance of VTS Systems (V-128) 29 May 2015 PDF: English
R0145 R0145 Inter-VTS Exchange Format Service (V-145) 24 June 2011 PDF: English
R0125 R0125 The use and presentation of symbology at a VTS Centre (V-125) 28 June 2012 PDF: English
R0112 R0112 Leading Lights (calculation program available) 07 December 2005 PDF: English
R0143 R0143 Provision of Virtual Aids to Navigation 10 June 2021 PDF: English
R0142 R0142 Maritime Data sharing IALA-Net 09 December 2009 PDF: English
R0124-1 R0124-1 Basic AIS Services, AIS Data Model and AIS Service specific MDEF sentences 09 December 2011 PDF: English
R0124-16 R0124-16 DGNSS Broadcasts from an AIS Service 09 December 2011 PDF: English
R0124-14 R0124-14 FATDMA Planning and Operation of an AIS Service 07 December 2012 PDF: English
R0124-0 R0124-0 References, Glossary of terms and Abbreviations (A-124 App.0) 07 December 2012 PDF: English
R0124 R0124 The AIS Service (A-124) 01 December 2012 PDF: English
R0124-18 R0124-18 VDL load Management 09 December 2011 PDF: English
R0124-12 R0124-12 Co-location issues at AIS Physical Shore Stations (AIS-PSS) and on-site infrastructure considerations 07 December 2012 PDF: English
R0124-5 R0124-5 Interfacing model of the AIS Service 09 December 2011 PDF: English