These documents represent the highest level of IALA documentation (they would relate to a ‘standard’ in an intergovernmental organisation). Recommendations provide direction to IALA members on uniform procedures and processes that will facilitate IALA objectives. IALA recommendations contain information on how members should plan, operate and manage Aids to Navigation. Recommendations may reference relevant International Standards and IALA Guidelines.

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ID Title Last revised date Price Format
O-139 Balisage des structures artificielles en mer O-139 12 December 2013 0.00 PDF: French
R-101 Balizas de radar (Racones) R-101 01 December 2004 0.00 PDF: Spanish
E-107 Fondeos de las ayudas flotantes a la navegaciĆ³n 107 28 May 2009 0.00 PDF: Spanish
G1129 G1129 The Retransmission of SBAS Corrections Using MF-Radio Beacon and AIS 15 December 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R0101 R0101 Marine Radar Beacons (Racons) (R-101) 01 December 2004 0.00 PDF: English
R0102 R0102 (V-102) Application of the user pays principle to VTS 09 December 2011 0.00 PDF: English
R0103 R0103 (V-103) Training and Certification of VTS Personnel 10 December 2020 0.00 PDF: English
R0104 R0104 ‘Off Station’ Signals for Major Floating Aids (O-104) 22 June 2012 0.00 PDF: English
R0106 R0106 Retroreflecting Material on Aids to Navigation Marks within the IALA Maritime Buoyage System (E-106) Ed2.1 June 2017 16 June 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R0107 R0107 Moorings for Floating Aids to Navigation (E-107) 28 May 2009 0.00 PDF: English
R0108 R0108(E-108) – Surface Colours Used as Visual Signals on Marine Aids to Navigation 15 December 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R0109 R0109 The Calculation of the Range of a Sound Signal (E-109) 09 June 1998 0.00 PDF: English
R0110 R0110 – Rhythmic Characters of Lights on Aids to Navigation (E-110) 10 June 2021 0.00 PDF: English
R0111 R0111(E111) Port Traffic Signals 13 December 2019 0.00 PDF: English
E-112-2 R0112-1 Leading Lights (E-112) Design Programme 12 December 2003 0.00 PDF: English
R0113 R0113 The Marking of Fixed Bridges and other Structures over Navigable Waters (O-113) 09 December 2011 0.00 PDF: English