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ID Title Last revised date Format
R0147 R0147 Product Specification Development and Management 16 June 2017 PDF: English
R0146 R0146 Strategy for Maintaining Racon Service Capability 09 December 2011 PDF: English
R0135 R0135 The Future of DGNSS 04 December 2008 PDF: English
R0121 R0121 The Performance and Monitoring of DGNSS Services in the Frequency Band 283.5 – 325 kHz 29 May 2015 PDF: English
R0129 R0129 GNSS Vulnerability and Mitigation Measures 07 December 2012 PDF: English
R0115 R0115 The Provision of Maritime Radionavigation Services in the Frequency Band 283.5-315 kHz in Region 1 and 285-325 kHz in Regions 2 and 3 07 December 2005 PDF: English
R0132 R0132 Quality Management for Aids to Navigation Authorities 13 December 2013 PDF: English
R0109 R0109 The Calculation of the Range of a Sound Signal 09 June 1998 PDF: English
R0104 R0104 ‘Off Station’ Signals for Major Floating Aids 22 June 2012 PDF: English
R0106 R0106 Retroreflecting Material on Aids to Navigation Marks within the IALA Maritime Buoyage System 16 June 2017 PDF: English
R0107 R0107 Moorings for Floating Aids to Navigation 28 May 2009 PDF: English
R0118 R0118 The Recording of Aids to Navigation Positions 07 December 2005 PDF: English
R0141 R0141 Training and Certification of Marine Aids to Navigation Personnel 03 June 2022 PDF: English
R0113 R0113 The Marking of Fixed Bridges and other Structures over Navigable Waters 09 December 2011 PDF: English
R0138 R0138 The Use of GIS and Simulation by Aids to Navigation Authorities 06 December 2007 PDF: English
R0139 R0139 The Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures 17 December 2021 PDF: English