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ID Title Last revised date Price Format
R0132 R0132 Quality Management for Aids to Navigation Authorities (O-132) 13 December 2013 0.00 PDF: English
R0135 R0135 The Future of DGNSS (R-135) 04 December 2008 0.00 PDF: English
R0138 R0138 The Use of GIS and Simulation by Aids to Navigation Authorities (O-138) 06 December 2007 0.00 PDF: English
R0139 R0139 The Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures (O-139) 13 December 2013 0.00 PDF: English
R0140 R0140 The Architecture for Shore-based Infrastructure ‘fit for e-Navigation’ (e-NAV-140) 29 May 2015 0.00 PDF: English
R0141 R0141 Training and Certification of Marine Aids to Navigation Personnel (E-141) 15 December 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R0142 R0142 Maritime Data sharing IALA-Net (E-142) 09 December 2009 0.00 PDF: English
R0143 R0143 – Provision of Virtual Aids to Navigation (O-143) 10 June 2021 0.00 PDF: English
R0144 R0144 Harmonized implementation of Application Specific Messages (ASM) (e-NAV-144) 01 June 2011 0.00 PDF: English
R0145 R0145 Inter-VTS Exchange Format Service (V-145) 24 June 2011 0.00 PDF: English
R0146 R0146 Strategy for Maintaining Racon Service Capability (e-NAV-146) 09 December 2011 0.00 PDF: English
R0147 R0147(e-NAV-147) – Product Specification Development and Management 16 June 2017 0.00 PDF: English
R0148 R0148 The Need to Implement Regional e‐Navigation Solutions Based on International Standards (e-NAV-148) 11 December 2015 0.00 PDF: English
R0149 R0149 Accreditation of Training Organisations (O-149) 0.00 PDF: English
R0150 R0150 DGNSS Service provision, upgrades and future uses (R-150) 16 December 2016 0.00 PDF: English
R0200-0 R0200 Marine Signal Lights Part 0 – Overview (E-200-0) 04 December 2008 0.00 PDF: English