An IALA Standard is a part of a framework, the implementation of which by all coastal states will harmonise Marine Aids to Navigation worldwide. IALA standards cover technology and services and are non-mandatory.


IALA is an international association that deals with Marine Aids to Navigation. The association aims to provide information and support to its members and the maritime community through its standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents as accurately as possible. However, the planning, implementation and operation of Marine Aids to Navigation remains the sole responsibility of the respective national members, authorities, administrations or other entities according to their respective national law including the decision to use IALA’s standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents.  IALA shall in no event be held responsible for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, or out of or in connection with the above-mentioned documents, the use of or other dealings with them.

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ID Title Last revised date
S1070 S1070 Information Services 03 June 2023
S1060 S1060 Digital Communication Technologies 03 June 2023
S1050 S1050 Training and Certification 03 June 2023
S1040 S1040 Vessel Traffic Services 03 June 2023
S1030 S1030 Radionavigation Services 03 June 2023
S1020 S1020 Marine Aids to Navigation Design and Delivery 03 June 2023
S1010 S1010 Marine Aids to Navigation Planning And Service Requirements 03 June 2023