Other Publications

From time to time, IALA produces documents that do not fall into the categories of Recommendation, Guideline or Manual. These documents are published as Other Documents and include the IALA Maritime Radio Communications Plan, the IALA World Wide Radionavigation Plan and a brochure on VTS operator fatigue.

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ID Title Last revised date Price Format
IALA 1957-1990 33 Year of International Cooperation 50.00 Hard Copy: English
International Cooperation in Aids to Navigation 1889-1955 30.00 Hard Copy: English
Cooperation international en signalisation maritime 1889-1955 30.00 Hard Copy: French
Definitions – Conservation of Historic Lighthouses 01 December 2008 Free PDF: English
Questionnaire responses – complementary use of lighthouses 01 December 2009 Free PDF: English
Brochure – Fatigue Awareness and Human Reliability VTS 01 December 2009 Free PDF: English
Brochure – Expectations of a VTS 01 December 2009 Free PDF: English
IALA World Wide Radio Navigation Plan 01 December 2012 Free PDF: English
A History of Floating Aids to Navigation by Adrian H Wilkins 01 May 2014 18.00 Hard Copy: English
Preliminary results of the IALA VTS Questionnaire 19 August 2016 Free PDF: English
Maritime Radio Communications Plan (MRCP) 15 December 2017 Free PDF: English