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MEMBERS ONLY: To obtain the current list of IALA Members, please send your request at contact@iala-aism.org

IALA Membership
Being a member of this dynamic and proactive organization will enable you to influence aids to navigation developments, taking account of evolving science and technology and based on proper risk assessment to ensure the right balance between traditional aids to navigation and new systems and technologies available in the digital age. Specifically, you will benefit from:
• sharing knowledge and expertise in specific areas with peers from around the world;
• learning about experiences of others including best practices and risk control measures developed for navigationally difficult or confined waterways and sea areas, where the appropriately adequate provision of aids to navigation can make the difference between life and death for mariners and prevent accidents resulting in costly damage or loss;
• meeting with manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, systems and technologies;
• participating in the creation and updating of IALA Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines for aids to navigation and related services, such as Vessel Traffic Services, as appropriate; and
• be part of a worldwide maritime community that speaks with one voice in international forums and on regulatory matters impacting on safety of navigation.

Membership categories
There are three types of IALA Members.

• National Member
National aids to navigation authorities or organizations of any country or part of a country that are legally responsible for the provision , maintenance or operation of marine aids to navigation within that country or any part of that country (hereinafter referred to as National Authorities) can join IALA as National Members.
National Members are eligible for election to the IALA Council. They significantly influence the development of IALA documentation through their participation in IALA Committees.

• Associate Member
Any other service, organization or scientific agency that is concerned with aids to navigation or related matters, including ports, scientific and research organisations and other bodies with an interest in aids to navigation matters, can join IALA as Associate Members.
Their contribution to the development of IALA guidance on best practices, through their participation in the technical work programme of the IALA Committees, is important to IALA’s work and the maritime community as a whole.

• Industrial Member
Manufacturers, distributors of marine aids to navigation equipment for sale, and organizations providing marine aids to navigation services or technical advice under contract can join IALA as Industrial Members.
Industrial Members have the opportunity to participate in IALA Committee work and to exhibit their technologies during IALA conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars around the world. Industrial Members also enjoy unique opportunities to publish editorial articles free of charge in the IALA Bulletin and the advantage of advertising at competitive rates in this quarterly publication, where their achievements and products reach well-targeted readers. Please see the industrial members pamphlet here.

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