E-Bulletin June 2024

Committees & Heritage Seminar

The secretariat is getting ready for the new session of committee meetings starting from the 2nd of March 2020 with VTS48, followed by ARM11 hosted in Argentina on the 9th of March, then ENAV25 at IALA Headquarters on the 26th of March and finally ENG11 in Brazil on the 27th. For more information on committee meetings, we invite members to visit the committees webpages through this link

The committee work programme is also available for members to see in the meetings documents:

Participants are encouraged to submit input papers before the following deadlines to

VTS18: 3 February 2020

ARM11: 10 February 2020

ENAV25: 17 February 2020

ENG11: 30 March 2020

Practical information for the committees held in South America are available on the registration page:

There will be a seminar on Heritage held at the same the venue as the ENG committee meeting from the 25 to 26 April at the Centro Militar de Convenções e Hospedagem da Aeronáutica – CEMCOHA. The CEMCOHA is located at Avenida Oceânica, Ondina, Salvador. Registrations can be made online or via flyer:

Farol de Santo Antonio da Barra Foto by Tunisio Alves Filho

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