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Book Now early bird discount for the 19th IALA Conference 2018



  • Early Bird Registration: October 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018
  • Pre-Registration: February 1 – May 13, 2018
  • Onsite Registration: May 26 – June 2, 2018

Best Practice Competition Application & Deadline for Full Papers, Presentation

  • Submission of Best Practice Competition Application: November 30, 2017
  • Submission of Full Papers: February 28, 2018
  • Presentation File: May 15, 2018


Visit our website ( to apply for Early Bird Registration. Please be noted that the Deadline for Early Bird Registration is January 31, 2018 and do not miss out on the benefits for Early Bird!

Category Early Bird

(1 Oct, 2017 – 31 Jan, 2018)


(1 Feb – 13 May, 2018)

Onsite Registration

(26 May – 2 June, 2018)

Full Conference Standard Fee 1,750 € 1,850 € 1,950 €
Partner Person 250 € 270 € 290 €
1 Day Full Conference Fee 500 € 550 € 600 €
Full Conference IALA

Honorary Member

920 € 950 € 980 €
Full Conference Sister Organisation

*Up to two delegates

1,600 € 1,700 € 1,800 €
Pre-Conference Forum Free Free N/A
Conference Dinner

(Additional Ticket)

80 € 80 € 90 €
Gala Dinner

(Additional Ticket)

80 € 80 € 90 €

The limit of the registration fee by credit cards is 3,000. If the registration payment exceeds the limit, kindly contact the 19th IALA Conference Secretariat (

The registration for Pre-Conference Forum is free of charge, and it is recommended that you register for the forum as early as possible since it is limited to 70 attendees.


Industrial Exhibition, here’s all you need!

Date: May 28 – June 1, 2018

Venue: Exhibition Hall 1, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, Korea

Exhibition Scale: 70 booths

Exhibition Fee

First 2 Standard Booth

(1 Booth: 3m x 3m)

4,300 € A Full Conference Delegate (1): including full access to the Conference Sessions, Coffee Breaks and Lunches on every day of the Conference and access to all Social Events planned for the Conference

A Exhibitor (1): including Coffee Breaks and Lunches, and access to all Social Events throughout the Conference

3rd or 4th Booth 3,600 € Companies hiring more than three (3) booths have a reduced rate for the third, fourth, etc. of 3,600 €, but these spaces include the Exhibition fee for one (1) exhibitor ONLY.
Special Exhibition Space (10m2) 1,500 € Special space will be provided for the standard booth for hard-to-display exhibitions due to the exhibit’s size. The total space for special exhibition is 100m2 and it costs 1,500 € per 10m2.
Additional Exhibitor Fee 450 € This fee includes Coffee Breaks and Lunches, and access to all Social Events throughout the Conference.
  • All fees do not include taxes. A 10% VAT will apply.

Do not miss! Deadline for Best Practice Competition!

The 19th IALA Conference Best Practice Competition will be held in Incheon, Korea, on May 31, 2018. The Conference Best Practice Competition encourages individuals, working groups, teams, or organisations to share their best operational and managerial practices, process, systems, and initiatives, and learn from the experience of others. All interested parties are requested to submit the Application Form by 11:59pm, November 30, 2017 (Korean Standard Time, UTC+9, firm deadline).

Couldn’t be better! – Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon

Incheon, a host place for the 19th IALA Conference 2018 which is home to a lot of international organisations and multinational corporations, is known for its international appeal and modern atmosphere. Songdo ConvensiA with five spacious floors is one of the state-of-the-art convention centers in Korea. It is approximately 20 minutes away by car from the Incheon International Airport and an hour from Seoul.


All participants in the 19th IALA Conference will be offered a hotel reservation service. The official hotels have been selected with a careful consideration of such factors as distance to the venue, amenities, security, etc. And the reservation at these hotels can be made at specially discounted rates for participants. The deadline for hotel reservation is May 5, 2018.

No. Hotel Name Room Grade Room Rate (KRW) / Night / Room Breakfast  (KRW) Tax &  Service Charge
Single  Occupancy Double Occupancy
Double Twin
5 Star Hotels ★★★★★
1 Oakwood Premier Incheon

(3min. on foot)

1 bedroom 266,200 266,200 266,200 24,200 10% Service

Charge & 10% VAT Included

Studio Superior 229,900 229,900 229,900 24,200
2 Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel  (3min. on foot) Club Deluxe 272,250 272,250 272,250 24,200
Deluxe 229,900 229,900 229,900 24,200
4 Star Hotels ★★★★
3 The Central Park Hotel Songdo  (3min. by car) Deluxe 158,000 158,000 158,000 15,000 10% VAT


4 Holiday Inn Incheon

(7min. by car)

Standard 147,000 147,000 147,000 22,000
5 Orakai Songdo Park Hotel

(10min. on foot)

Deluxe 141,500 141,500 141,500 20,900
6 Ramada Songdo

(10min. by car)

Standard 103,000 114,000 114,000 Included
7 Hotel L’art City

(15min. by car)

Standard 90,000 90,000 90,000 Included
8 Harbor Park

(30min. by car)

Standard 85,000 92,000 92,000 13,200

On 21 September, the Support Council for the 19th IALA Conference held its third general meeting, as part of its initiative to spread a boom for the success of the Conference. The Council was briefed on the progress made so far since the last Council meeting, as well as the Conference Secretariat’s future tasks. In addition, the Council members exchanged ideas on an exhibition manual aimed at providing basic guidelines for the Industrial Exhibition, and IMC Evening.

From September 18 to 22, 2017, the 21st meeting of the ENAV Committee (ENAV21) was held in IALA Headquarters. On behalf of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF), Mr. Seungcheol Lee, a staff member of the 19th IALA Conference Secretariat, said that all staff members of the Secretariat, including himself, are at the height of preparation for the Conference and urged full support for and interest in the 19th IALA Conference 2018 from all participants.

With less than 250 days left in the 19th IALA Conference 2018, Korea took center stage from 80 delegates over 30 countries gathered in IALA HQ for the 44th Session of the IALA Vessel Traffic Services Committee (VTS44) from September 25 – 29, 2017.

The 7th meeting of the ENG Committee (ENG 7) was held in IALA HQ from October 9 to 13, 2017. 51 people from 22 countries attended this session of ENG Committee. Mr. BAE Yongchan, a member of IALA Conference Secretariat at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, invited participants to attend the 19th IALA Conference 2018.

During the session of the Heritage Forum, the 2nd World Lighthouse Heritage Exhibition was convened on October 10 with Korean delegation. The Committee discussed a number of issues pertinent to the layout and content of the proposed exhibition, reflecting on the initial floor plan shown to the committee.

In addition, the IALA Council-approved revision of the Incheon Declaration was reviewed during the Incheon Declaration Committee. There were no further comments on the draft.

At the point of 8 months left towards the 19th IALA Conference 2018, the 3rd International Steering Committee (ISC3) and Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (SCM) were held in IALA HQ from October 18 to 20, 2017. 20 participants, including ISC Chair Mike CARD, ISC members, the 19th IALA Conference Secretariat, Incheon Metropolitan City and Korea Association of Aids to Navigation attended the meetings. Various agendas such as the selection of abstracts, names of session chairpersons and preparation progress of each event were discussed, and the meeting participants agreed on the overall Conference programme. Especially a paperless system using the latest information technology for the environmentally friendly Conference and e-Voting system for the 13th IALA General Assembly were demonstrated and adopted unanimously.

The Stakeholders Consultation Meeting concurrently held with ISC3 has very considerable values as an opportunity to evaluate the preparation works, to bring about detailed plans and schedules for the major events in the Conference, and to decide on a stakeholder which will practically lead each event. All results drawn from this meeting will be serving as the foundation of making the Conference preparation works more concrete and well-established for 8 months left.

Until the next ISC meeting scheduled in February next year in IALA HQ, the Conference Secretariat will put their utmost efforts in the Conference preparation.

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