E-Bulletin June 2024

Council 71

The 71st session of the IALA Council took place by videoconference on the 3rd and 4th of June. All councilors were present.

The Secretary-General reported that after the successful Diplomatic Conference in Kuala Lumpur at the end of February, alongside with what happened through the world, IALA had to shut down to limit the COVID-19 pandemic. IALA had to take measures to cancel meetings whilst keeping the work programme going as much as possible through virtual meetings. More virtual meetings should go ahead for the rest of the year 2020. He also indicated that a new staff member was recruited, Mr Jaime Alvarez, in the technical department.

13 countries wished to report on National matters, including topics going from organizational changes within authorities, climate change, cyber-security, the future of DGPS and SBAS, etc. They all covered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their activities.

The Secretary-General reported about the Diplomatic Conference held in Kuala Lumpur. He indicated that it had reached its aim. The convention text was adopted and the final act signed by 50 countries. The final document translated in 6 languages would be made available on the website shortly.

The World Marine Aids to Navigation Day planed in Bulgaria was postponed and the event planed in Japan in November was maintained for the time being. Updates would be made available, should the situation evolve.

Here is a list of the records of decisions taken during council 71:

The Council approved the liaison note to ITU regarding assignment and use of identities for AMRD Group B.

The Council approved the document Current Drivers and Trends Ed.1.1.

The Council approved the document Workshop Proposal on Marine Aids to Navigation in the Autonomous World.

The Council approved the revised budget for 2020.

The Council approved the proposal (scenario 1) concerning the future of IALA Headquarters. Council also tasked the Secretariat to conduct a study on the future needs and opportunities for the future Headquarters, especially the possible support from the Host, before any final decision is taken.

The Council approved the membership contributions rates for 2021 as follows:

  • National members: €17,160
  • Industrial members: €6,350
  • Associate members: €3,070

The Council approved the committee work programme 2018-2022.

The Council approved the Revocation of Guideline 1072 – AtoN Information Exchange and Presentation.

The Council approved sending the liaison note to 3GPP.

The Council endorsed the inter-sessional approval of IALA joining the multi-country proposal on VDES to ITU.

The Council endorsed the inter-sessional approval of the IALA submission to IMO HTW7.

The Council approved National membership for:

  • Service Maritime et de la Navigation d’Haïti

The Council approved Industrial membership for:

  • Crux Marine, Argentina
  • Sabik Offshore GmbH, Germany
  • Tridel Technologies Private, Ltd., India
  • Norbit Aptomar AS, Norway
  • Invelco S.A, Spain
  • CNS Systems AB, Sweden
  • International Transportation Mgmt P.A, USA

The Council approved Associate membership for:

  • The Port Authority of Kribi, Cameroon
  • Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico, Costa Rica

The Council considered that the decision to terminate or to suspend the rights of the members listed in paper C71-15.3 shall be taken at Council session 72 in December.

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