E-Bulletin March 2024

DRAFT IALA CONVENTION: next Pre-DIPCON Conference in Istanbul

National members and representatives of governments wishing to participate in the Third Pre-Diplomatic Conference (Pre-DIPCON) to continue the detailed reading of the draft IALA Convention are kindly reminded of the requirement to complete their registration online ( as soon as possible. They must do so in advance of the Conference, which will be hosted by the Government of Turkey (Directorate General of Coastal Safety) in two months’ time, from 12 to 14 March 2019, in Istanbul.

More information on the venue (The Sheraton Istanbul Atakoi Hotel (, near Ataturk international airport) and how to book accommodation – and on other hotels in the vicinity – is available from the IALA website ( and agenda and input papers are available on

The National members in the Legal Advisory Panel has done further work on the draft text of the IALA Convention that will govern IALA as an intergovernmental organization (IGO). It held an extraordinary session at IALA Headquarters in late November (LAPEx4), attended by  28 delegates from 17 countries.

The meeting produced a newly revised text for presentation at the Istanbul Pre-DIPCON. This consolidates the results of the multilateral negotiations held at the Second Pre-DIPCON in Marrakesh in February 2018. It also takes account of the comments that National members and governments had submitted to the Secretary-General following the Marrakesh Conference, by the required deadline of 30 September 2018.

Specifically, it was made clear that the transitional arrangements were of particular importance in order to secure a smooth formal change from the current IALA as an association to the new IGO – without disrupting the important work of IALA or losing members of the current association. Many comments were received in order to make the arrangements more clear and this is reflected in the revised version of the Convention text.

The Extraordinary LAP meeting considered the legal issues that may arise from the revised text, made comments and amended it, as appropriate. It also identified – but did not discuss – matters of a political nature, which require further negotiation at diplomatic level and which therefore fall within the purview of the Istanbul Pre-DIPCON. In accordance with the decision of the Marakkesh Pre-DIPCON, it did not consider the draft text of the General Regulations as these will be a matter for the General Assembly of the new IALA Intergovernmental Organization to finalise, when established.

The revised text of the draft IALA Convention, together with supporting papers, will provide the input for the Istanbul Pre-DIPCON and is posted on the IALA website (


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