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IALA 2nd Preparatory Diplomatic Conference

The second Preparatory Diplomatic Conference will take place from 7-8 February 2018  in Le Palais des Congrès at the  Mogador Palace AGDAL Hotel in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of the Republic of France, IALA’s host country, a first preparatory diplomatic conference took place in Paris from 18 to 19 April 2017 to consider the concrete steps needed to achieve IALA’s planned change of status to that of an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO). Chaired by His Excellency, Mr Serge Ségura, French Ambassador for the Oceans, the Conference agreed a Roadmap towards a Diplomatic Conference to adopt a new treaty instrument with the next preparatory Diplomatic Conference planned in February 2018. The large attendance at the Paris conference set the scene for two days of active participation by 173 delegates representing 56 countries from around the world where IALA has National members. The programme was designed to widen understanding and allow for an open exchange of views and comments on various aspects pertaining to the transition of IALA as an Association under French law to effective IGO status.

The main outcome of the conference was a clear indication of a genuine willingness to move forward towards multilateral negotiations at a follow-up conference with the widest possible participation. This second preparatory diplomatic conference will commence consideration of the provisions of the draft IALA Convention, article by article, and those of the draft General Regulations. These documents have been reviewed by the Legal Advisory Panel taking into account all the excellent comments from National members submitted after the first Diplomatic Conference.

The second preparatory conference will be of critical importance for the effective and efficient progress of the diplomatic process. The Kingdom of Morocco, the host of the conference, is very keen to ensure the success of the event through a fruitful participation of all countries concerned. Morocco and IALA will take this opportunity to raise awareness on maritime safety in Africa by arranging a Seminar on this theme on the same venue, immediately prior to the conference. The Seminar will be an added value for Marine Aids to Navigation managers of the region who would then participate in the Conference. Interested member countries can get more information from

The new IALA Convention will be designed to give IALA a clear legal identity as an IGO and this will bring several distinct advantages as our membership continues to grow. The prospect of this change of status seems to create positive expectations, which are evidenced by the increase in requests for information. The added value of the IGO status will be a strengthened cooperation between States parties to the Convention, in technical developments in maritime safety, and an enhanced global harmonization of Marine Aids to Navigation reducing the risk of accidents, improving efficiency and providing better protection of the environment.

National Members and Governmental Administrations (for Diplomatic Action)  are invited to register at: after they have logged in.

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